Leigh Schneider is a Fine Art Photographer from New Zealand, based in Dresden, Germany.

Moved by the juxtaposition of melancholy and beauty in life, Leigh is driven to show at times the grimness of this world and at others provide a means of escape to a more beautiful one.

Her process begins and ends with crafting - concepts, characters and scenes. An artist at heart, photography allows her to work with physical as well as digital elements to mould the content in her frame, rather than working from a blank page.

Qualified and experienced in the Graphic Design field since 2009, Leigh began self-study in digital photography in 2017, having taken film photography in high school. She brings both her experience in a professional setting and her artistic nature to her work. This enables her to operate in the commercial as well as art worlds. She's shot fine art commissions for commercial and private clients internationally, creating customised imagery that tells their story, or enables them to create their own universe.