1-1 Online Artist Mentoring


In running my in person, group workshops, I uncovered my passion for teaching and mentorship.

This new offering has been developed for those who are unable to attend in person educational offerings, or who would like a completely personalised experience.

1-1 online artist mentoring sessions are suitable for visual artists in any medium, with my expertise being in the field of Conceptual Fine Art Photography.

Your session may include a portfolio review and will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Each session takes place on a video call, in English or German language.


To aid you in knowing what I may be able to best assist with, here are a few of my strengths:

  • Concepting: For 15 years I have worked in visual arts, creating concepts that convey a message. I can help you to assess how you are translating your ideas into visual form and aid in fine tuning your communication.
  • Visual presentation: With years of experience as a Graphic Designer, I understand the importance of a distinct and recognisable style and professional presentation. I can help you to assess the first impression you are making, what you are communicating and adjust this according to your goals.
  • Attention to detail: Having trained my 'eye' for many years, I can pick up on technical areas that may need more polish.
  • Goal setting/direction: Having clear goals is critical for progress. I can help you to assess what avenues might suit you well and help you to get started. An arist's career path is as unique as them and their work!
  • Applications: Having worked with galleries as well as on client commissions, I can offer feedback on what they may be looking for and how you may best approach and work with them.
  • Sharing your work: Talking and writing about your work well can make all the difference to how it is received. I can help with presentation, structure and tone, as well as help you to share the emotion behind your work, to really connect with your audience.

Feel free to ask me about anything else that you don't see here.


Previous students say...

“I attended Leigh's workshop and she not only met my expectations but exceeded them. She is extremely structured and has extensive knowledge, which she skillfully conveyed to us. Not only did I walk away from this workshop with valuable information, but I also changed the way I think about my own art. In addition, it was just a lot of fun to get to know Leigh and the other participants, make new contacts, learn from each other, have conversations about art and life and support each other.”

“I couldn't have wished for a nicer first workshop. Leigh is an incredibly likeable person who not only managed to impart an incredible amount of knowledge on the subject of "conceptual photography" in two days, but also created an environment in which the group could try out their artistic skills in a completely uninhibited manner. Thank you for the incredibly great time!”

“Your workshop was incredibly enriching...it was a kind of personal development. I would definitely like to thank you again - for everything. It was a very, very nice time with you.”

“I'm still so happy. Thank you for all the knowledge and creativity during this weekend. I loved every second. I'm so thankful for what you put together and shared. The flow between us, trust. It was an intense time. Thank you, so so so much.”


To book your mentoring session, please take a moment to fill out this form and read the Terms & Conditions below. If everything is in order, click 'Request Booking.'

To confirm your booking, a 50% deposit is then required. I will send you a confirmation email with my availability and payment details, once I receive your request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to Contact Me.

Terms & Conditions

The CLIENT is booking a mentoring session with Leigh Schneider. In the case of the session involving a portfolio review, The CLIENT must provide their portfolio in advance of their session in order for feedback to be given.


The CLIENT agrees to pay a deposit of 50% of the booking price, which will be taken off the final price, or retained by Leigh Schneider should the booking be cancelled. The deposit is due within 48 hours of setting an agreed time for the session, in order to secure the booking. The booking will be confirmed only once the deposit has been received. Full payment is due prior to the session and is non-refundable. Pricing is subject to change right up until the deposit is made.


In the event that the CLIENT cancels the booking prior to the session, the 50% deposit will be retained by Leigh Schneider. Leigh Schneider reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time should personal events require, (details of which must not be disclosed to the CLIENT), in which case the deposit will be fully refunded, or the session rescheduled.

By submitting my Booking Request, I, the CLIENT declare that I have read and understood this agreement in it’s entirely. If under 18, I state that my GUARDIAN is in agreement.