Limited Edition Prints

My work can be collected, as limited edition, archival pigment prints. You may see available artworks, accompanied by their artwork statements here.

Artworks are printed in Germany, on museum quality archival paper, by a Hahnemühle Certified Fine Art printer. Each piece is proofed, hand numbered, titled and signed and comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Sizes, Editions and Pricing*

32 x 40cm | Edition of 10 + 2AP | 360€

52 x 65cm | Edition of 5 + 1AP | 720€

80 x 100cm | Edition of 2 + 1AP | 1440€

*Subject to change and dependent on each artwork and availability

Please note that prices do not include framing, shipping or taxes.

Payment may be made via bank transfer or Paypal.

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Sometimes, the change we need doesn't come from within, like 'wings' we always had potential to grow. Sometimes, change attaches itself to us like a positive parasite. It may be beneficial, but it feels foreign and unnatural. This kind of change is less about developing our potential and more about becoming who we need to be.

Sizes and Editions:

32 x 40cm | Edition: 10 + 2AP

52 x 65cm | Edition: 5 + 1AP

80 x 100cm | Edition: 2 + 1AP

GRACE, 2019

 Inspired by Jeff Buckley; his person and untimely passing, Grace exhibits a character in the process of watching their soul's ascension. We see what she sees - the clouds part, the light of the heavens shine through and we have hope beyond the direct scene.

Sizes and Editions:

32 x 40cm | Edition: 10 + 2AP

52 x 65cm | Edition: 7 + 1AP