Limited Edition Prints

Collectable conceptual artworks, in the form of Limited Edition, Giclée prints.

Artworks are printed on museum quality archival paper, by a Hahnemühle Certified Fine Art printer. Each piece is proofed, hand numbered, titled and signed and comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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moth on hand printed artwork

Series: Beyond the Shadows

'Beyond the Shadows,' seeks to ignite vision for transformation and growth—for a future beyond the shadows of current circumstance. It gathers together a selection of the artist's works on topics such as loss, isolation and depression; inviting the viewer to look deeper into the symbolism of the images, which point at a way forwards.

‘Of the Light I,’ 2021

‘Of the Light II,’ 2022

'Prey,' 2022

'Pupae,’ 2021

'Rouse,' 2020

'Through the Black,' 2021

'Recluse,' 2020

'Gone to Seed,' 2021

'Hatchling,' 2022

'Return to Aotearoa,' 2022

'Helping Hand I,' 2022

'Helping Hand II,' 2022

'Dark Baptism,' 2023

Individual Artworks

'A Wing and a Prayer,' 2022

'Parasite of Change,' 2021

'Self Medication,' 2021

'Out of Hiding,' 2021

'Fight the Tide,' 2022

'Grace,' 2019