Self Medication

This image was inspired by the song 'Medicine,' by band Daughter, as well as my own friendship with an addict many years ago.

The dead wildflowers that cover her head represent potentialeven when it seems like they have dried up, they are full of tiny seeds, ready to start again. Addiction is the fire that destroys that potentialdifficult to contain, passionate in itself. The water represents choiceto put out the fire and the depths of the struggle to do so. The little detailsthe moths, leaves and dragonfly, represent transformation, a new season and the ability to rise above.

'Medicine' Lyrics (reordered):

You've got a warm heart

You've got a beautiful brain, but it's disintegrating

From all the medicine

You could still be

What you want to

Pick it up, pick it all up

And start again

You've got a second chance

Self Medication,’ 2021


32 X 40CM | EDITION OF 10 + 2AP | 390€*

52 X 65CM | EDITION OF 5 + 1AP | 780€*

80 X 100CM | EDITION OF 2 + 1AP | 1560€*

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