Private Tutoring: (Online)

I offer tutoring for anyone who wishes to learn the art of conceptual portraiture. Sessions are tailored to you, your level and your goals. Here are some example topics:


  • Finding inspiration while staying true to yourself
  • Using visual language and symbolism to convey a meaningful message
  • Developing your concept and planning it practically


  • Finding the right model/team/location
  • Adding personal touches and handmade elements to your work
  • Choosing the right lighting for the concept (natural and studio light)
  • Choosing your camera settings
  • Setting an atmosphere to capture emotion (model interaction)


  • Selecting the strongest image, to best communicate your message
  • Photoshop editing and workflow
  • High end retouching
  • Compositing
  • Colour grading
  • Preparing for web and print


  • Taking commissions
  • Sharing and writing about your work
  • Creating a recognisable style and presence
  • Feedback and constructive critique
  • Goal setting and planning

Contact me to discuss your needs.

60€ per 45 minute session

Leigh Schneider art education

Schools, Universities & Organisations

I am available to do presentations and educational workshops on Conceptual Fine Art Photography internationally.

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