Art Commissions

Commercial Artwork:

I offer customised, conceptual, photographic artworks on commission. I provide a detailed and tailored service, working with my clients to tell their visual story. Such projects may include cover art for albums or books, advertising imagery for agencies or companies and more.

Contact me for a free consultation.

Pricing starts at 1000€

Album Cover Art Alternative Music

Art Direction and Cover Artwork for Groovenom

Non-Commercial Artwork:

I offer limited private client commissions annually. Clients may feature in their own artwork. We work together to tell a story that is personal and meaningful and goes beyond the traditional portrait.

Contact me with your concept or to work with me on creating one together.

Pricing starts at 500€

'Of the Light,' 2021

“Leigh Schneider is not just a photographer. Leigh is an artist, a perfectionist, a storyteller. Her work lives and breathes. I contacted Leigh for a large project...Leigh was inspiring, passionate, and focused on her work, but at the same time absolutely sociable, patient, and friendly. A professional artist with a unique visual language and vision that I can definitely recommend.”

“I was delighted to engage Leigh...for marketing purposes as a professional musician. While I could define my values through words, Leigh transformed and elevated these ideas into new territory...Leigh is a dream to work with, given the seamless administration of her business...Leigh’s calm warmth, creative eye and her ability to put people at ease made everything about the experience of working with her an absolute pleasure.”

“Ms. Schneider developed a new expressive image world for our agency and carried out commissioned work for our clients. Ms. Schneider convinced us with her creative, aesthetic and very emotional image concepts. She has a profound expertise, which she successfully applied in practice.”