'Beyond the Shadows,' Leigh Schneider

Solo Exhibition with Quirky Fox Art Gallery



4:00pm, Saturday the 21st of January, 2023

Quirky Fox Gallery, 205a High Street

Hāwera, New Zealand

Leigh Schneider’s debut solo show ‘Beyond the Shadows,’ seeks to ignite vision for transformation and growth—for a future beyond the shadows of current circumstance. It gathers together a selection of the artist's works on topics such as loss, isolation and depression; inviting the viewer to look deeper into the symbolism of the images, which point at a way forwards.

I’m excited to be able to extend you an invitation, to my debut solo exhibition, with Quirky Fox Art Gallery. It features a dozen of my collectable works. I truly hope this show will be more than a display of art - I hope it will create a space for people to find strength within and hope for the New Year.

I will be attending the opening and would love to see you there in person!

The show will run for around 5 weeks.

- Leigh Schneider.