June 30, 2023

Frame Fine Art Prints Yourself, with HALBE Rahmen


Framing My Solo Show

For an upcoming solo exhibition of my series 'Beyond the Shadows,' I decided to do all the framing myself.

When looking at framing options, I was searching for the following:

  • High quality with a classic stlye
  • Suitable for use in exhibitions, allowing for artworks to be changed out with relative ease
  • Suitable for archival framing when selling on to collectors
  • Affordable price point
  • Durability
leigh schneider framing large artwork

'Gone to Seed,' 2021

halbe rahmen unboxing
rear of halbe rahmen frame
halbe rahmen magnetic frame
halbe rahmen tutorial

Discovering HALBE Rahmen Frames

I began by researching custom framing options in my area. It was surprising to find out that the high end frames I'd been dreaming of using, were actually slightly less expensive than going to the art supply store, for what I'd initially thought would be the more affordable option!

HALBE Rahmen are a German company that operates online. This is most likely the main contributing factor as to why they can offer such quality at a similar price point to an art supply store. They have an incredibly intuitive online configurator, that allows you to enter all of your specifications and immediately see a preview of the resulting frame.

Not only this, but the framing system itself is ingenius. Instead of flipping your frame over, placing your glass and artwork, attaching the back and turning it all over (in the hopes that there won't be any dust or marks present), they have a reverse system.

You frame face up, by popping the magnetic frame off the front and lifting out the glass and mat. You can secure your artwork directly to the acid free backing board and layer everything over the top. This allows you to immediately see your placement and adjust from above if anything is amiss.

framing artwork in halbe rahmen frame

'Helping Hand I,' 2022

Value and Simplicity

HABLE Rahmen frames are not your standard framing choice. They are solid, well sealed and flawlessly assembled. They've got all the details down, including padded dots to set the frame out from the wall, allowing for circulation and wall protection. They also have a bunch of hole options in the steel rear, which mean you don't need to attach anything else for hanging.

They feel luxury and make framing so straighforward.

Something that also really impressed me, was HALBE's service. They were communicative, spoke great English and the frames were sent out very quickly after my order was placed.

While you can no doubt find frames at a lower price point, being able to frame the work myself, rather than hiring a professional framer, made up for the cost. Also, the investment into high quality frames, is value I am able to pass on to my collectors.

halbe rahmen padded dots

Additional Framing Tools

I didn't need much to do the framing. HALBE recommended the 'Photo Glue GUDY ROLLER.DOT,' which is a removable, transparent adhesive, that is acid free and age resistent. They are basically tiny, sticky dots, that only adhere once you press on them. I found them easy to use, to secure the works to the backing boards of the HALBE frames.

gudy roller dot

Framed and on Show

It was an exciting opening, where I spoke about the art and people got tattooed live, with designs that were based on my artworks!

The framing was exactly what I'd hoped and presented my works with a timeless finish.

leigh schneider beyond the shadows opening
leigh schneider inktastic exhibition
leigh schneider exhibition
leigh schneider exhibition opening
leigh schneider artwork

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