A Wing and a Prayer

‘A Wing and a Prayer’ depicts a character who has weathered the storm. The heavens break open, as she makes her prayer in the desert.

Storm clouds and the dead tree line behind the subject, represent hardship walked through. The green tree line and blue sky breaking through in front, symbolise hope for the future. Remote desert landscape places her in isolation—a feeling made globally familiar in pandemic times. Worn bandaging shows damage done, as well as healing in progress. Her multiple wings represent freedom—the ability to escape, transport ourselves and rise above.

This piece along with much of my recent work, seeks to ignite vision for transformation and growth—for a future beyond the shadows of current circumstance.

‘A Wing and a Prayer,’ 2022


32 X 40CM | EDITION OF 10 + 2AP | 390€*

52 X 65CM | EDITION OF 5 + 1AP | 780€*

80 X 100CM | EDITION OF 2 + 1AP | 1560€*

art on a prayer in the desert

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